Robert wilfort dating

Rather engagingly she proposes setting him up on a series of dates (well, three) that are designed to fail.

She shadows him, and when it is clear he is ‘dated’ enough they begin a tentative and affectionate romance.

The film, which has had a smattering of screenings in the UK prior to a VOD platform, is worth checking out.

Gerry is busy prepping for any potential disasters, while at the same time dealing with some very personal family issues – namely his father’s funeral combined with some nightmare relatives.

The team is flanked by Jackie (Gwyneth Keyworth, Plebs, Game of Thrones, E4’s upcoming Wasted), an idealistic left-wing student and staunch Corbynista.

) it also feels fresh and honest, with the central relationship between Laura Haddock and Dylan Edwards especially tender and sparky.

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