Hsinchu dating

In the beginning , it was just a idea about a full range of sketch for the surrounding scenery by 3D computer graphics technology. To press the「Grip button」, you will see the wireframe model.After getting in touch with "HTC VIVE", I am trying to adapt the scene, to create another way to experience roaming. To Handheld the controller and points to the ground in the scene, then press the「Trackpad」and let go immediately. Tek-kham: According to recent research, the name Hsinchu is derived from Tek-kham, the name given to this area by the Taokas indigenous tribe of ancient times.In year 15 of the Yongli Reign of the Ming Dynasty in China (1661), Zuo Xianfeng was dispatched to lead a garrison at Tek-kham.This is an personal creative works for outdoor roaming.

There are numerous orange farms around the vicinity of Feifengshan.

As of year 9 of the Yongzheng Reign, all affairs north of the Dajia River were handled by the local Tamsui Liaison Office, which was upgraded to Bureau level.

Two years later the liaison office was moved to Tek-kham, which became the seat of administration on Taiwan.

Be sure to ask your guide if a trip there can be arranged.

Tip: It’s better to visit early in the morning when it is cool so that your hike up the side of the mountain on the way to the farm is not an overheated experience.

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