There is really no other way to have true equality in relationships, in the work place, or in society as a whole.

in the context of the art world and casting her protagonist, the androgynous Jan Morale, as a woodcut artist, Wilhelm grants the lesbian artist the agency to craft her own gender and sexual characteristics.

Biologists don't use the word that way, but this is fiction, not biology.

In real life, however, a human that has fully developed male and female genitals is extremely rare (there's never been an actual confirmed instance).


Hermaphrodite is best known for Its extreme ugliness, as It possesses both male and female "qualities," shall we say.

A meticulously researched account of a fascinating problem in the history of medicine, this book will compel the attention of historians, physicians, medical ethicists, intersexuals themselves, and anyone interested in the meanings and foundations of sexual identity.

Expanding on the gender equality statement above, it could go even deeper.

Reports of fish with male and female reproductive organs, such as the steelhead pictured above (orange ovaries and white testes), are generally rare, but have been documented for a range of fish species, including suckers (Hauser 1975), smelt (Hutchinson 1983), mosquitofish (Teh et al. Male black bass with female germ cells embedded in their testes have been found in many of the major drainages across the United States (Hinck et al.

2009), and intersex roaches (the minnow, not the insect) are common throughout the waterways of Great Britain (Tyler and Jobling 2008).

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