Changesets and updating work

I have a situation where delivery to a test stream does not require approval, but delivery to an integration stream does.Is there a way to programmatically(RTC Java API) determine whether a work item already has delivered change sets? is there a way to automatically add an approval on delivery to the test stream?

Most of these customizations were already available somewhere on the web (see for example Ewald Hofman’s excellent series on customizing Team Build 2010, which in general applies quite nicely to TFS 2012 as well), but some modifications are my original work in that I did not find it anywhere else on the web.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – TFS is more than just source control. One of the defining capabilities of TFS is integration across the ALM landscape.

Currently, if you’re using Team Build, you can check code in and build – and the build report will associate the checkins (and their associated work items) with the build. however, if you want to see the changesets that were merged in the build report too, you’re stuck.

For more information about comparing databases with SQL Compare, see Worked example - comparing and deploying two databases in the SQL Compare documentation.

You can update to a specific version using your source control system and SQL Compare.

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